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Marketing Plan for Sunsilk

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan for Sunsilk

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Executive Summary

This marketing plan forms the basis of the introduction of an innovative and unique product by Sunsilk. The analysis allows us to the best strategies to help our product be successful with the internal and external environments which we have analyzed at our best understanding. Sunsilk Hair Colour Shampoo will be marketed as a unique and convenient product for consumers who need and want to colour their hair. And we would like to maintain the company's status as the 2nd brand leader in hair care industry in Pakistan. The marketing strategies will enable us to reach the target sale of

Rs 50 million by end of first year and also bring awareness to the consumers in the six months about the new product, and reach at least 80% consumers in Pakistan. The hair colour industry is currently in the growth stage and the number of people who wish to colour their hair is growing day by day. Customer have been introduced by hair colouring products and there is a existing industry for colour in Pakistan, but Sunsilk Hair colour Shampoo is a new innovative product which is convenient for consumers to use and also less harmful then other products available.


This plan has been prepared as an assignment for Marketing Strategies and Operations class at London Business School of Finance. The plan will provide background information about the current environment in which Hair colour products are operating in Pakistan. It will also discuss the present state of hair colour products in general, which will include information on the company and its interest in extending product range in Pakistan, and give a broader idea of how the brand will be introduced and marketed in the current environment.

Company Background

Sunsilk is a product of United Kingdom, which was launched in 1954. Sunsilk was introduced by Unilever (LBPL), who are the largest consumer goods producing company in Pakistan, especially in personal care products. Unilever was found in 1930 by Antonius Johannes Jurgens and William Hulme Lever. It was incorporated here in 1948 at Rahim Yar Khan.

Sunsilk was introduced in 1989 in Pakistan with three different types of shampoos for different hair texture. Getting Support from hair stylist was the first step in constructing the image of the brand as a hair care expert. In beginning of introduction of Sunsilk brand, it was being raided by other competitors, in which, sunsilk was not able to gain the desired share in the market. To strengthen the brand, LBPL decided to re-launch Sunsilk with a premium range, which included five variants in January 2000. In 2001, after constant research by hair care institutes, they decided that a need for oily hair shampoo was required for the market.

Sunsilk Shampoo aims are to fulfil the needs of it targeted consumers by offering a high quality, acceptability, creditability, and perceived benefits. The theme of product is being anchored around the motto: "Softness, shine and manageability of Hair"

In respect with their shampoo product, they target market is females between the age group of 16- 40 belonging to the two upper income classes, but in their promotional activities, they would cover the full market which included all classes.

In order for Sunsilk to make their brand awareness they have used innovative campaigns and persuasive ways of promotion, and have targeted all class of income consumers. For the lower class, they introduced the sachet purchase shampoo, to reach them at a lower price. In an unofficial research, I have found that Sunsilk achieve 34% of the market share in the shampoo industry, where Head and Shoulder achieved 38%, and other brands achieved 28% if the whole market.



This analysis is used to assess what environmental factors affecting different organisations and which of them more important and how they affect the brand. It is indicator of political, economical, and social and technological influences in Hair product industry in Pakistan.

 Political Factors

As far as Sunsilk brand is concerned, it is a product of Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited. According to Lever Brothers political instability have do affect but not particularly the same as other organisations around, and specially because it is a consumer product business, which never goes out of business. In reference to legal factors, big organisations such as Lever Brother are not affected by trade policy or import duties due to the liberalization policy under SAP by IMF, which is to waive off all restrictions and moreover due to huge investments by the organisation.

In Pakistan, the political situation is not so stable. This is a major drawback for new businesses in the country, even though Sunsilk has been there for more than a decade and has a strong backing of Lever Brothers.

 Economic Factors

Economical factors affect Sunsilk ranges in the same way as it affect any other organization like current economic situation in Pakistan and inflation has reduced consumers disposable income too, which in turn has reduced the purchasing power of consumer but affect is the same for every organisation or brand. In order to stabilize the current market share position vast product category should be introduced.

 Socio-Cultural Factors

Factors like lifestyle changes and level of education affects a brand. In case of change in lifestyle, the world has converted into global town now and people have readily access to every sort of information and they are becoming more health, efficient, and quality conscious. To cope up with these factors Sunsilk will need to maintain their quality and concern for Hair, and also work towards other social factors involving the community and youth.

 Technological Factors

At this moment of time the industry in Pakistan is not that big and not very much toward innovation as any other development countries. Even though when products are advertised through proper means, the product knowledge is spread out fast and can make affect on the educated and medium and high class consumers.



This analysis will provide a useful way of looking at the opportunities open to



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