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Marks and Spencer Swot

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What is SWOT?

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a certain aspect of the organisation. This is a very useful method in which businesses can analyse their current position and see what differences there are with competitors. The strengths and weaknesses are those of which the businesses have control over. On the other hand there are controllable factors which are external to the business they are opportunities and threats.

A SWOT analysis is a very useful tool in which an organisation can understand how well they have done, analyse the product, what they can do next, how they can improve, how they can overcome problems failed.

SWOT for M&S

Strengths (Internal)

* M&S is a powerful retail brand, M&S's products are value for money due to quality, convenience and wide range of products.

* M&S is always located in a busy high street due to many shoppers

* M&S have their own brand

* M&S foods are aimed towards those aged 25+ with those living a busy life

* Made success in high class areas

Weaknesses (Internal)

* As M&S sell products in many areas as clothing, food, home and kitchen ware it may not have the flexibility of its more focused competitors.

* Lack of expertise in different departments may result in their business not doing so well.

* Price is too much for several customers, such as working class.

* M&S sales have been small compared to other selected products.

* Were unable to update fashion trend in the past.

Opportunities (External)

* M&S can develop their website

* They can introduce new market segments that offer more profit

* There are future opportunities in expanding their brand into China & India.

* Introducing clothing for younger people

Threats (External)

* Asda and Tesco are a threat due to their discounted prices

* M&S being a global retailer means they are exposed to different political facts in countries they work in.

* Being number one seller means you are the target by competitors, locally and globally.

* Pricing



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