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Marriage Before Knowledge

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Essay Preview: Marriage Before Knowledge

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Marriage before Knowledge

When it's true love, do you really just know? There have been many times that I have heard, and I am sure you have a story or two as well, of couples getting married while only knowing one another for a few short weeks. I know of couples that this has been a tremendous blessing in their lives, while on the other hand, this has led to pain and suffering. How does one person affect the other this eminently that they choose to become not only life partners, but companions for eternity? At this point in the relationship, they should be building and strengthening their communication, getting to know one another and so on.

According to an AOL poll of divorce attorneys, one of the top ten reasons for why marriages fail is disillusionment. Disillusionment occurs when a swift romance or brief courtship gives a couple an unrealistic view of the relationship. When unappealing aspects of a relationship like unpleasant in-laws, poor financial management or conflicting schedules rise to the surface, the bond can prove difficult for two people who don't have the true love, trust and devotion to work through problems. The result: People fall out of love with being in love. Marriage involves a serious commitment to your partner as a whole, not just the things you like about the person. Relationships aren't all work, but they do require some maintenance.

This is not a guaranteed outcome of couples who choose to get married after a few weeks from meeting. There will always be times that this does work out and they work on things together while getting to really know one another. I have chosen this topic because it has always intrigued me; I have seen both sides of the spectrum. I want to know why couples feel so comfortable that they "really just know" to jump into marriage, when marriage is something held very sacred. I plan to find couples that have had this experience and asked them questions about what led to such a rush. I also plan to ask married couples, engaged couples and single people a series of questions about their thoughts and feelings on this matter. There will be many differences of opinions, that is what will make this even more fascinating to study.



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