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Marriage Is Declining Statistics

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Statistics shows that marriages are on decline and there are no solutions to rectify what it going on and to cause a turn around. I believe it is the fiber that holds our world together a stable family life. It is one of the things that you girls should dream of. That the man of their dream would come and swept them off their feet; and that should live happily ever after. There are many questions that surround marriage and who has the right to marry. Why are today's marriages crumbling and what can be done about the condition and the decline in marriages?

I am interested in the decline of marriages and why they fail because I have had a failed marriage. I did everything I could to make it work. I considered counseling, I comp, I gave while he took and he was unyielding. I was hurt to the very core. And then when it was no more he left. I have also seen so many others around me whose marriages are on the rocks or have altogether ended. These are relatively good people as far as I can tell. People who deserved a partner who loves them.

So I know first hand what a failed marriage can do to someone. How they are left feeling destitute and they feel like nothing. They ask themselves questions like: what did I do? Am I not good enough? what wrong me? They may even beg the other party to make it work. I know that it takes years to get over and how I don't want others to experience that hopelessness I felt. I know that they don't want to be labeled a statistic. I believe most really fight with every fiber in their being to make a go of and that it is devastating to all parties involved. It is an emotional rollercoaster and you are having the worst ride of your life.

I need to do more research on the reasons marriages fail. Look things that in place to help the failing marriage. To look at traits of a good/bad marriage. Look at statistic of the past ten, fifteen, twenty years and see what the trend of marriage is. Literally, try to find out what can be done to have a more prosperous marriage in the United States.



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