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Martin Eden

Essay by myearth  •  July 7, 2016  •  Essay  •  278 Words (2 Pages)  •  828 Views

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The Essay

Martin Eden is a character in fiction that has definitely had an influence on me. Critics call him one of the most vital and original characters Jack London ever created. Truly speaking, every work of Jack London’s changes something in my mind; there is always some breakthrough.

As for Martin Eden, this man is a prime example of a person capable to extricate himself from his familiar surroundings. The drama and romance of his life seem to overshadow dim existence of ordinary lay audience.

This character is quite ambitious, confident, adventurous and straightforward. His physical features match the inner characteristics of the personality what is indeed significant. Being a man of ambition he manages to do the impossible with the help of his powerful strong self-will, hard work and commitment. However the emotional downfall leads him to nothing but a tragic death.

I believe, the energy potential Martin Eden possessed could have served the representatives of the social class he belonged to as they were in desperate need of it. What imposes me the most is the fact that the subject of discussion is not the material wealth but education and  Martin’s acquired ability of critical thinking and analysis that has nothing to do with formal diplomas or degrees.

In my opinion, despite the disappointment that befell the hero as a result of his achievements, we should clearly read the idea that in changing circumstances human beings need to be able to adapt, to be flexible, to think more broadly. Though critics believe that the main message delivered by the author is whether it is worth the trouble to prefer eventual success and wealth to your livelihood. 



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