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Meaning of Dream

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Shelby Meredith

Mrs. Williams

English 9 B

28 April 2015

                                        The Meaning of Dreams

Many people are fascinated by dreams and the meaning behind them. It is consistently thought that dreams hold hidden codes and messages. Some people think otherwise. They believe dreams hold no real meaning.

In early civilizations, people concluded that their dreams were portals. In these portals their gods would talk to them. A different civilization thought dreams showed the future. Each on had their own thought on dreams.

Everyone has their own dreams. Some will remember them while others will not. Our dreams combine talking, visualizing, and emotional stimuli into a story line. Many times, dreams are our way to solve a problem we endured in our day or our life.

Experts have many theories to why we have them. One theory is: “dreams are non-essential when it comes to survival as a body, but it is essential for development.” According to Sumber, whom studies global dream mythology. “Dreaming is the communication between our conscious and unconscious mind, while we sleep.”

I believe, dreaming is different for each person. Our dreams are connected to our emotions and our desires. Dreams have been a source of inspiration and education. You are open to explore your own self or thoughts through dreaming.

Our minds work in unique ways for dreams. Everyone dreams are different for their owners. Dreams play out evens with messages hidden in them. Some are peaceful, others and horrifying. No one can explain why we have them, or why they happen.



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