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Memoirs of Lady Hyegyông

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In this paper, I would like to take the perspective of the tragic main character, Prince Sado, in Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong. The cause of my downfall is as Lady Hyegyong stated, which is the lack of affinity in the relationship of me and my father, King Yongjo. Childhood is the most important period in a person's life which greatly influence the person's personality and character. I spent most of his childhood with strangers, without much contact with my parents.

King Yongjo was also never satisfied with my behaviors and always scorned and ridiculed me. You have to understand why I acted completely different in my father's presence, who was the 'Majesty' King of Korea and just that alone put a great pressure on my action around him. All these pressure and anxiety took a great toll on me, and one morning while I was choosing my attire, I had a sudden fit of rage and murdered and injured my servants. Later on, my father became intolerant of my behaviors and ordered me to be sealed alive in a rice chest, where I died in 8 days.

I just think it is unfair for my father, King Yongjo, to just decide that I was demented and mad solely based on his opinion, whereas everybody else thought the opposite. He was the cause of my unstable mental state for lack of caring and it ultimately led to my death. Only if he had paid more attention to me, be more kind to me, I would have not developed these erratic behaviors and made a great heir.



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