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Memorandum for Ceo/human Resources Vp

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Essay Preview: Memorandum for Ceo/human Resources Vp

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Date: April 3, 2012

Memorandum for CEO/Human Resources VP

From: Daniel P. Gatdula

Subject: Proposal to Research and Make a Recommendation on the Feasibility of Expanding BizTech into India

India is rapidly becoming more and enticing nation to be conduct business with. The latest round of economic change India has become an IT outsourcing hub, as such Biz Tech is planning expansion into this emerging market. Prior to expansion into any new corporate office on the Indian subcontinent; there are some cultural differences that current and potential employees will need to be made aware of prior to conducting business in India.


Country Overview


Topics to Investigate

Methods and Resources


Work Schedule

Call to Action

The Language Barrier

The most widely spoken language in India is Hindi; although English does enjoy the status of the subsidiary official language and most business is conducted in English (CIA-The World Factbook, 2012). Even though English is the main language; due to long term English colonization of India, British cultural traits coupled with local Hindi dialects; you have a powder keg for potential miscommunication.

While attending business meetings in this foreign land it is not uncommon for Indians to raise their voices to be heard above the commotion of the meeting; this can easily be mistaken as anger by westerner.

Balance of Power

India is defined as a "High Power Distance" society; meaning the collective accepts the status of unequally distributed power; the typical Indian worker believes that their managers employ sound judgment in making leadership decisions. This style of followership develops into a collective mentality.

The collective mentality the individual is willing to forgo personnel gain in order to benefit the groups. This is due to the belief the individual is merely an extension of the group; and if the group is improved, by proxy so is the individual.


Explain the current system and how it worked and why it is time for change. Without getting into the weeds of the



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