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Mexican Civilization

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Mexican Civilization

One of the civilizations in this earth is the Anahuac Civilization. Anahuac consists of poetry, pyramids, architecture, religion, traditions and food. Many people from our generation, like the Spaniards, do not want us to know the real history of our culture. They burned books of our ancestor’s knowledge, and killed our people because they wanted to destroy everything and make the Anahuac civilization extinct. Overall, the Anahuac people always had a way to keep our tradition alive. They developed a way to create food, especially a popular seed that creates maize. Maize became their nationality to create special recipes like, pozoli, tamali, moli, atoli, and other common food. Anahuac civilization exists because of our ancestor’s cuhure that are alive due to their traditions, morals, astronomy, religion, and food.

Traditions have been kept alive for centuries. One tradition that is popular, would be the sacred relationship between Earth and the Pleiades. The Pleiades are known as the seven sisters or Tzek’eb. They are one of the most visible star clusters in the night sky. Every 52 years, there is an important ceremony to mark at the end of the period with the observation of the Pleiades. There is only one particular day when the event happens and people are able to observe the star group at midnight. As it is mentioned in The 8 Calendars of the Maya, ‘Forms of the Calendars in Mesoamérica’, “The celestial bodies governed the rhythm of life completely, such as time, perceived in terms of the Sun, the Moon, planets, and stars, was experienced as the ever-present, ever recurring, self-renewing movement that is the essence of all existence.” (Men 37). This quote means that the roots of their humankind are being traced in time when their ancestors from space had mixed together with the form of life. This moment, formed their spiritual culture and understanding of the language of their celestial energy. Corresponding to their codes, exactly at 180 degrees, the Earth is on the other side and the sun is behind it, followed by the Pleiades. This is one of the traditions that make up Anahuac civilization.

Another important tradition that the Anahuac’s have is the Day of the Dead. Which was started in the 16th century by some Aztecs. It is celebrated between October 31st and November 2nd. The significance of this day is very special to them because they remember and honor their loved ones. The holiday is colorful to visit cemeteries, decorate the graves and enjoy the presence of friends or family members. Throughout the years, this day has changed and evolved. It merged with elements of Christianity and coincided with All Saints Day.

It is mentioned in México Profundo, ‘Reclaiming A Civilization’, “The ceremonies for the Day of the Dead and pilgrimages to the famous sanctuaries continue in the very heart of the city” (Batalla 49). This quote



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