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Mgmt605 Leadership Annotated Bibliography

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Montrice Winters

February 23, 2019

MGMT605- Leadership

Annotated Bibliography

Jooste, G. (2013). ETHICAL LEADERSHIP. Accountancy SA, 2. Retrieved from

        This article discusses the current demand for ethical leadership. Another topic of discussion in this article is concepts leaders think will help their organization gain a competitive advantage. This article also confers how leaders are rethinking the way they lead.

        This article relates to the study of ethics in leadership because it analyzes current data on the topic. The author’s focus on the current trends in leadership helps define leadership roles pertaining to ethics. Understanding the demand for ethical leadership and current practices is an important part of research.

Kacmar, K. M., Bachrach, D. G., Harris, K. J., & Zivnuska, S. (2011). Fostering good citizenship through ethical leadership: Exploring the moderating role of gender and organizational politics. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3), 633-642. doi:

        This article examines the effects of ethical leadership on gender and work politics using social role theory and social exchange theory. The authors collected and analyzed data from 288 supervisor employed by the state in the United States.

        The results of this study found that men and women respond differently to social information. Social exchange framework offers an understanding on politics and gender in ethical leadership.

Lawton, A., & Páez, I. (2015). Developing a framework for ethical leadership. Journal of Business Ethics, 130(3), 639-649. doi:

        Lawton and Paez examines an ethical framework that addresses ethical leader’s characteristics, how they lead, and outcomes of their leadership. The article aims to identify the different dimensions of ethical leaders, which includes virtue, purposes, and practices.

        This article is important to ethics in leadership, because it gives future research an ethical framework to apply to different sectors and contexts. This article gives a unique perspective on the ethical dimensions of leadership.

Lee, D., Choi, Y., Youn, S., & Chun, J. U. (2017). Ethical leadership and employee moral voice: The mediating role of moral efficacy and the moderating role of leader-follower value congruence. Journal of Business Ethics, 141(1), 47-57. doi:

        This study examines the direct role of ethical leadership on the outcome of ethical behavior. The authors concentrate on how and when ethical leadership encourages employees to speak up about ethical issues.

        This article is relevant to the research of ethics in leadership, because it is important to understand what facilitates employees to be vocal about ethical problems observed within a company. The authors concluded that organizations with ethical leaders, have employees with a moral voice, and moral efficacy facilitates this relationship.

Mihelic, K. K., Msc, Lipicnik, B., Phd, & Tekavcic, M., Phd. (2010). Ethical leadership. International Journal of Management and Information Systems, 14(5), 31-41. Retrieved from

        This article discusses the construction of ethical leadership. The authors give a clear understanding of how ethical leaders think and act. This article elaborates on the relationship between ethical leaders and their followers, while defining what unethical behavior entails.

        This article is relevant to research because it analyzes the influence ethical leaders have on an organization. By defining the personality and characteristics of ethical leaders, the authors explore an anomaly of information.

Moore, C., Mayer, D. M., Chiang, F. F. T., Crossley, C., Karlesky, M. J., & Birtch, T. A. (2019). Leaders matter morally: The role of ethical leadership in shaping employee moral cognition and misconduct. Journal of Applied Psychology, 104(1), 123-145. doi:

        This study focus is on leaders influences on the behavior of their subordinates. The authors conducted four diverse studies to examine how employees make moral decisions that ultimately affect their behavior, and the difference in each candidate’s leadership.



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