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Mgt 230 - Decision Making Process

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Essay Preview: Mgt 230 - Decision Making Process

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Decision-Making Process Paper



Decision-Making Process Paper

With so many things going on in an everyday business world, choices can be anywhere from easy to hard. For a business to succeed, I think that it is critical that everybody focuses on making some kind of decision at least once a day. With decision making in today's society and business world, it is very important to have some kind of structure in your decisions making. It can be difficult for some but a little easier for others. Having some sort of guideline to follow can help a person develop great decision making tools.

I can remember one time in my life when I was working out of state and my wife and child lived back in our home state. My wife was getting to the point where she wanted me to be able to come home every night. I would have loved to do that. I was making really good money and she did not have to work. The problem was that I was working two weeks on and one week off. She got to the point where she gave me a choice to either stay there and work or come home and be the family. So the decision I needed to make was do I stay or do I go. I had to weigh out my options, is their job opportunities like the one I have now? Thank the lord that I had a buddy that knows a company was looking for help and it was about the same pay as I was getting at my current job. So the decision was made and I moved back home permanently. I don't know if things could have been different in my decision making. Either I stayed and work and lose my family or I go home and be with my family. The decision might have been a little different if there was no job opportunities' for me.

Stages of the Decision-Making Process

* Identifying and Diagnosing the Problem

* Generating Alternative Solutions

* Evaluating Alternatives

* Making the Choice

* Implementing the Decision

* Evaluating the Decision

In my decision to move back home with my wife and child. I used almost all of the stages that were mentioned in the text. Stage 4 was big for me, because I had to make a choice that would better my life and families. We always have a choice in life and it is up to the individual to make the right choice. Before I decide to take a job out of state again, I will weigh my options and follow my decision making process.


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