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Decision Making Process Paper

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                    Decision-Making Process Paper

                                Melissa Catalino



                                   Don Driscoll

                           Decision-Making Process Paper

      I chose to explain my personal decision making plan for enrolling in school. I had a problem, being me and my fiancé had a daughter and my current job was in the fast food industry. This did not pay well nor, did it satisfy my needs to be competitive in the workplace. I knew something had to change and I had to do it. The answer to my problem was to further my education and endure the bookkeeping fundamentals certificate track. But it wasn’t just as simple as it sounds. I was uncertain and feared that I may make the wrong decision. Since I am investing in myself its best to know the facts before diving in. So I turned to the internet for some personal research, weather this certificate would benefit me or waste my time.


       My research contained of individuals who entered the accounting career with no certificate, degree, or experience. These people went into the career field blind and had to learn first-hand, which probably caused frustration and not getting work done in a professional and timely manner.

Then I looked at the benefits of getting a bookkeepers certificate, which include the option to further my education and receive an associates’ degree in accounting in the future to expand my career options. To go into my first job as a bookkeeper/accountant with the fundamental skillset it takes to promote quickly in this industry. The University of Phoenix is preparing me for careers managing an organization’s financial records, this is a very important job.

                                    Take Action

     Next, I had to figure out how I was going to make this opportunity happen. I figured an online school would benefit me the best since, it is so convenient. Which I then done research on specific universities online and in my opinion the University of Phoenix best suited my needs, with their very well structured online site and detailed syllabus. Of course I had to purchase a laptop, I also filed for a Pell grant, and got a student loan. This was a big risk since I am now depending on myself and this career opportunity to pay off my debt.



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