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Decision-Making Process Paper

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Decision-Making Process Paper

The decisions we make on an everyday basis will last us and possible haunt us for the rest of our lives. Making challenging and sensible decisions is extremely difficult and individuals always wonder if the right choices were made and if it will affect other important people such as family or friends. Although the decision-making process could be difficult, corporations are implementing and expecting employees to follow these processes.

I have been contemplating on leaving my job in Atlanta, Georgia to move closer to my elderly parents in North Las Vegas, Nevada. I was born and raised in Michigan and moved to California after I graduated High School, after living so far away from my parents I decided to transfer jobs and move to Georgia in order to be closer to them. My parents have since retired and made their home in Nevada. Before making my decision I need to list my pros and cons and see if leaving my current job and uprooting my three children would be a wise decision.

In order for me to make the right decision, I have choosing to use some of the stages of the decision-making process that I gained knowledge of in our textbook. The stages included in a decision-making process is planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (Thomas S. Bateman, 2011). Planning function would be a little difficult being that I am in a different state trying to move to a state that is approximately 1,961 miles from each other (Travel math, 2012). Organizing is also a challenge however my family would lend a hand. I am a great leader, so this function would be fairly easy for me and controlling is my middle name.

I would potentially run in to a slight problem if my job did not allow me to work from home, because there is not a company location in the state of Nevada, the main problem would be convincing my managers to allow me to work from home.

In the event my current job does not allow me to work from home in order to relocate to another state, at that time I need to make decision to quit my job and find a new one. I am a single mother of three little children so this decision must be weighed heavily.

Finally, I would make a list of pros and cons, likes and dislikes. I cannot be pressured into making a quick decision regardless of how I feel. I must act with confidence that my children and me will be well taking care of and I can provide for my whole family without struggles. The decision to relocate to be closer to my parents constantly weighs on my mind and I know it would not be a easy task and I am scared, but once I have made up my mind I can accomplish anything.


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