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Decision Making Process

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Decision Making Process Paper

When making a decision there are many aspects to consider especially depending on the type of decision. Currently I am a manager at Golden 1 Credit Union and find myself making important decisions every day as I am in charge of approving loans and managing clients' business accounts. Recently I found myself going through the decision making process on whether or not I should keep my job because being a full-time student has become a very big responsibility on its own. Although making decisions at work come very natural to me making decisions in my personal life always seem to be more difficult. When making a personal decision such as quitting my job I have to consider the fact that I am a parent of two children and a husband. So I cannot allow myself to make selfish or inconsiderate decisions that might harm my family or our financial stability.

I started my decision making process by figuring out what the problem was that I felt so overwhelmed with my family, school, and work. In the reading of Management: Leading & collaborating in a competitive world the author refers to this as the first stage of the decision making process called identifying and diagnosing the problem (Bateman, 2011). I noticed as I went through my decision process it was naturally the same process in the reading for this week. So next I decided what my alternatives were and evaluated everything as a whole. Although the alternative of being on unemployment sounds good right now it's just not enough to support my family. Even though it would be nice to sit at home with my kids, do homework and really just focus on my education it is just not possible at this time of my life.

As my degree will be contributing to my household I just don't see it as the best decision to quit my job at this time. So now that I have made my choice and implemented it the evaluating process begins. When deciding to go to school I used this same method of decision making and thought that I would not be overwhelmed with school, work, and the family so the next decision that I need to make is what to do to decrease the level of stress between all my commitments. In this process I think it would be more beneficial to focus on implementing the decision as this decision will most likely come with things like managing my time better as to not feel so stressed between work and school. So my evaluation of my previous decision basically turned into another decision making process of how I will solve the next problem.



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