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Mgt 447

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  1. There are many challenges MNCs will face in their supply chains around the globe, Many factors should be considered when listing the challenges, eithics, human’s right, fairness, cultural concerns, host  country regulations and worldwide reputations. The list can go on, however in my opinion those are very important challenges.
  2. What Nike mean by their statement that the consumers aren’t aware of what happens behind the scene, therefore the company will not be rewarded. I believe that they should not be rewarded nor recognized for what they should do. Every worker has a right and also has the right to be treated well, moreover, if workers are treated well, there’s no need to thank the company since it is obligatory.
  3. An open-systems approach means that changed can be talked and discussed among workers easily, as well as reporting to the managers and suggesting change. So many parties are involved, basically anyone that has to do with the inventory is involved, consumers, suppliers and other companies in the field. Stockholders are going to be anyone that contributed or has an investment within the company
  4. Leaders beyond borders are those who manage companies with more than management skills, they are socially competent and aware of cultures, their job goes beyond and outside of the work place.
  6. Summary After conducting many audits Nike reported that a large percentage of their overseas factories have their employees working in terrible environments for low pay and in unsanitary health conditions. This is the first time that a major corporation has revealed such problems to the public so honestly. Nike is now taking a new strategy and approach in an attempt to correct these problems. They are attempting to take responsibility to effect positive systemic changes in working conditions with several branches of their industry. Nike plans to reshape the way customers, supplies, investors, and regulators see the company. They are changing it from a closed system and making the company more open so that suppliers and customers can relate to Nike. One of Nike’s problems is changing the way its leadership works. Traditionally they focus on the professional aspect, but Nike is working on a leadership and management style that is “leaders beyond borders” meaning leaders reach out to more than just their professional role and engage people on shared goals. Nike needs to reach out to wider issues of trade flows, governance, and media otherwise all their changes may not make a difference as they optimistically hop



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