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Mgt 510 Human Resource Management

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International American University

MGT 510 Human Resource Management

Case Analysis Week 1

Louis Lopez, Ph.D

September 11th, 2015

The New Job

In the case, I was offered a job as an assistant manager of a marketing department. I was responsible for maintaining long-term customer relationship, and marketing campaign to improve company performance. However, because many administrative aspects of the work were falling off, I had to handle these administrative works and did not have time to work on my responsibilities. Therefore, to ensure the work could be done on time, I need to ask the company to hire someone new to do the administrative work so that I can focus on my job and the team’s performance could be improved.

Job Creation Recommendation

Although there were only ten people in my department and eight of them were marketing associates, there was on one in charge of the coordinator of different line managers. Thus, it’s necessary to get an administrator officer involved. He/she should be able to provide administrative services assistant between different campaign managers. That means he/she should be involved in participate in working with various managers to ensure the smooth communication and collaboration. Besides, because no one in the department is to help manage the payable accounts; this person should overseas the accounts payable from clients and accounts payable from service providers. As a result, he/she should in charge of public relations programs.

Employees Competencies Required

According to Washington State Human Resources, competencies were defined as the critical knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors (KSABs) to successful job performance. When select or hire a new employee, his/her competencies should be well evaluated. The major competencies for this administrative job could be educational competencies, administrator competencies, and communication skills. This job requires the candidate should have at least the bachelor degree in similar areas that he/she could understand the business and business terms easily. He/she should be able to use the computer and office suite professionally to conduct daily task.  For administrator competencies, he/she should be responsible for scheduling work. Since there were so many pending work need to be done, this administer should have the sense of priority and could do work planning accordingly. The communication competencies ask the candidate to be able to communicate accurately and effectively. Since he/she would be the middleman between managers and clients, he/she should listen and understand properly to communicate the information for effective operation.

There could be many qualified candidates in the workforce pool outside the company. However, matching the competencies doesn’t mean he/she could be the best hire. The company should evaluate his/her personalities to see if he/she could be able to work hard and fit in the company’s culture.

Ideas For New Position

Performance management, compensation and incentives play as key roles in employment motivation. To some degrees, these items decide how hard and how better this new employee could work. Performance management is the process that evaluates the employees’ performance, and delivers feedbacks to support employees to do better in their job (Lepak,& Gowan, 2010). Since part of administrative officer’s responsibilities is communicating between managers and clients, his/her performances should be evaluated by the satisfaction level of different campaign managers and clients.  If there is any issue with the satisfaction, the manager could always talk to this new hire and encourage him/her to make changes to perform better in work. Compensation and incentives also influence the behavior of the employees. The company should pay this officer equitably with some other benefits like medical care to make sure this employee feel comfortable and secure to work in the company. With the incentives, this new officer would understand his/her performance impact the benefits he/she could get.  Bonus makes him/her work harder. Other than that, this is a fast-growing company that many people could offer help to this new hire once he/she has any problem in doing his/her job.



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