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Miss Case

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The objectives of this paper is two fold;

1. To critically evaluate the role of HR managers in the public sector for the efficient and effective people development policies in the changing environment where employees are expected to be smarter and productive

2. To critically analyse the resource implications for the HR manager in building strategic capability for the organisational change.

The current volatile financial environment which has resulted in budget cuts to public sector organisations ,freezes on salaries and loss of jobs amongst other things has proved very challenging for the sector. This is due to the fact that despite the challenges , the stakeholders still expect improved services from the sector. They are still expected to deliver with the slim workforce and resources available. For managers especially the HR manager these are very challenging times as well since they are faced with having to balance the needs of delivering the improved services stakeholders require with their now limited human resource and achieving organisational objectives as well as .This is a tight rope to walk but one which needs to be done if the public sector is to survive and compete with the private sector.


The report opens up with some definitions of the concept of Human Resource management (HRM) and discusses issues surrounding how HRM has evolved over the years from what was originally refered to as Personnel management to what we have today.

Secondly the report focuses on why the public sector needs changing in the current environment. Various reasons have been discussed amongst which is the fact that there is the need for change to be able to cope with the current harsh financial climate.

Thirdly ,the report looks at learning and development issues as a way of dealing with the rapid need for change in the sector. An indepth discussion is considered looking at the various theories regarding learning and development and offers some practical solutions for the HR manager to consider in creating a learning organisation, emphasising the fact that change only comes through learning.

The report further considers issues surrounding how the HR manager can build capability to handle the development of strategy in the organisation. In doing this the report considers issues surrounding talent management and other leadership issues. Amongst these is the need to provide adequate reward and appropriate performance management systems.

The report concludes with some recommendations offered to the public sector managers to consider in their bid to remain competitive.



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