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Modern Teenagers

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I won't definitely specify the Modern teenagers as lazy, spoilt and irresponsible but I would certainly say that they are a bit of being all three. In today's society there are many pressures in the lives of teenagers. The problem with them is that they are young and youth is the spring of Life but because of the too much pressure and responsibility on them, they are looking for some opportunities to get their freedom. Our parent's mentality is mostly like that of the old days, so they take the teenagers as unruly and ill-mannered.

I would like to give reasons aligned with each of the accusation of the teenagers. It would be ruthless to remark the teenagers as lazy for I guess they do the most painstaking work, physically as well as mentally. Teenagers spend a lot of time studying and the tornado of school crashes through their lives causing tiredness and chaos. They participate in sports and also help with the housework. But in their busy life they want something for relaxation which the parents take as their laziness and this is because of the generation gap between the parents and the teenagers.

The assertion that teenagers are spoilt is totally unfair and harsh. I do agree that some teenagers are a bit too advanced than they should be but that does not make them spoilt. People usually point them as spoilt because they like to go shopping, spend most time with friends than family, watch television and browse in the internet but they do this only to get some enjoyable moments from their busy stressful life but parents especially never try to understand that.

Finally, teenagers are not irresponsible at all. Many teenagers do part-time jobs and even go to tuition. A lot of teenagers help with the household chores and prepare their own things and needs. Some teenagers even take care of their younger siblings in the absence of their parents. Obviously those are the indications of a responsible person. Then how come they are indicated as irresponsible?

Teenagers are carefree souls and they tries to experience the world through all senses, so we should not hurt them by those offensive words as lazy, spoilt and irresponsible.



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