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Teenagers and Their Precious Drivers License

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Essay Preview: Teenagers and Their Precious Drivers License

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Getting a drivers licence is one of the best parts of growing up and is a hot topic when it comes to teenage conversations. Getting a driver's licence is very important for teenagers as it gives them a sense of independence. It gives them the freedom to go wherever they want whenever they want without having to rely on mum or dad to get them there. Also, these days, cars are seen as fashion accessories and every teenager wants to have a flashy car that stands out from the rest. A driver's license is the key to the door of adulthood through which teenagers will move forward leaving behind the child they once were.

Teenagers crave independence, a drivers licence feeds this desire to be able to live without relying on an adult's guidance. Not having to rely on an adult to drive you places gives a teenager the satisfaction of choosing what to do and when. Rather than having to fit in with their parent's lifestyle they can now catch up with mates in their own time. No more having to be ready at certain times or not being able to suddenly change plans because mum or dad can only pick you up at a selected time.

Freedom is another desire that teenagers crave. A licence gives you the freedom to drive out to your favourite fast food restaurant because there is nothing decent enough to eat in the house. Or, drive down to the beach after school to cool down after a hard days study. Having the freedom just to jump in a car and go for a drive to end up somewhere, not having to plan where you're going and how long you will be there.

With a license comes the car, an extension of a teenagers fashion style, the ultimate way to get people's attention and every teenager just loves being the centre of attention. The car shows what kind of a person you are, flashy with plenty of style, fast and proud, spoilt or casual and not fussy. Teenage boys see their car as the ultimate way to impress girls, with teenage girls judging what type of boy they are, by the type of car they have. Teenagers also use their car to show off, the boys, like peacocks, trying to outdo the other young males by having the best most stunning car. The girls like princess' wanting the prettiest, hottest new accessory.

What more could a teenager want but the ability be independent, have all the freedom they want and be the centre of attention. A license gives them all this allowing them to be the adult they have so desired as they have grown up. Now they don't have to hear those words 'when you grow up' as they are now grown up and have a license so they can do everything they have wanted when they were younger.



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