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Mohawk National Bank

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"Mohawk National Bank"

1. Fear of change to a new career field. Fear to jeopardize the comfort of their working positions.

2. It could be, but there is a possible risk of failure due to resistance on the project management members as well as the functional employees. As the VP of Operations stated: "It's not going to be easy establishing a project management organizational structure on top of our traditional structure. We're going to have to absorb the lumps and bruises and literally FORCE the system to work"

3. I do not think so; Mohawk had some projects to pursue and each one need the participation of several departments, and each department manager had its own priorities. There was no integration across multiple departments and work could not be tracked since there was no project manager.

4. I think temporary project management positions, that way they can "give it a try" to their new position, and to experience if the new position is suitable for them and for the project. Worst case scenario, they can go back to their old position.

5. Apparently no, since every possible candidate had resistance to change. I think it should be other possible qualified candidates within the organization that would like to take this challenge.

"Altex Corporation"

6. Because at that time contracts did not require a risk management plan (politics). The terms of the contract were not so strict in regards to a risk management plan. It was a common practice from the corporations that worked for these bids.

7. Altex may lose the bid for R&D portion, meaning they won't get the contract and the manufacturing effort that comes along the contract.

8. As the sponsor said, if the PM wants to develop a risk management plan it is fine as long as he keeps it to himself and no one else should know about it, or it will have to be disclose the information to the Army exposing the risks of the project and jeopardizing the bid. It will be like opening a Pandora's box.



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