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Motivate People’s Behaviors

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Essay Preview: Motivate People’s Behaviors

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  1. Organization strategy and objectives  When there is a job evaluation it will support the companies plan by involving what it is about work that enhances worth and contributes to chasing the companies plan and achieving its goals.

    Flow of work – Job evaluation helps work flow in different ways
  • Adding each job’s pay with its qualified contributions to the company
  • Putting pay for new positions & changing jobs.

Fairness – Job evaluation can decrease arguments and complaints over pay differences between jobs.

Motivate people’s behaviors toward organization objectives –  Job evaluation reaches out to staff of what about their performance they value.

  1. Different organizations want different characteristics of work. In a hospital nurses are go through facing things with the patient’s layers. So in the case the hospital spends out a lot of time seeing who is responsible for what. Due to the diverse types of groups a college has such as administrators, administrative support staff, and the rest of the faculty different plans would have to be maid for each one.

  1. Advantage -Higher possibility of finding all-important pieces of work content.
    Disadvantages- It can be time consuming and the potential difficulty of interlocking the results of separate plans together. This can risk either undervaluing/overvaluing.
  1. The reason why job evaltuion are so vital is because

•The employees values there job is is important to the customers, the company and their boss 
•less time fighting aggression with aggression

•less stress 
•more time to plan and manage 
•improved confidence, less resistance, improved efficiency

  1. I don’t think that the school’s educational mission should reflect into my job evaluation factors.  For these reasons Hay factors are grounded on know how, problem solving and accountability criteria. These criteria establish the whole scale of what an schools focuses on such as mission thereby covering the need of joining the educational mission in the job evaluation factors.  

  1. I would make sure the employees understand why the job evalution is taking place and it is for fairness. So, the existing staff will not be deprived since none of them would be exposed to salary decrease since of the job evaluation that will be conducted.

Peugeot car company will pay Iran over 400 million euros in compensation for losses after it quit the country due to sanctions move.



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