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Movie Review - Interpersonal Conflict in Hitch

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Essay Preview: Movie Review - Interpersonal Conflict in Hitch

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Assignment: Movie Review, Interpersonal Conflict in Hitch

Course: SOBE 335- Introduction to Conflict Resolution

Lecturer: Natasha Joseph

Name: Denille Boyce

Student #:00022817

Date: April 09, 2013

Interpersonal Conflict of Hitch

A conflict was defined is a struggle or contest between people with opposing ideas, needs, beliefs, values or goals (Bisno 1998). There are several types of conflict; Interpersonal, Intragroup, Intracultural, International and Work.

Interpersonal conflict: Deals with situations in which one or both persons in a relationship are experiencing intricacy in working or living with each other. Intragroup: Refers to a precise kind of conflict that occurs between members of a group that share common goals, interests or other identifying characteristics. Intracultural: Incompatibility of values, expression, processes or outcome between two or more parties from different cultures. International: Referred to conflicts between different nation-states and conflicts between people and organizations in different nation-states. Work place conflicts: Involves the perceived or actual clash of expectations between individuals or groups.

For this assignment I chose the movie "Hitch" a romantic comedy directed by Andy Tennant and written by Kevin Bisch (2005). This movie was rated PG-13 with a running time of 115 minutes. The authors of the movie were Will Smith (Hitch), Eva Mendes (Sara), Kevin James (Albert), Adam Arkin (Max), Amber Valletta (Allegra), Julie Ann Emery (Casey) and Robinne Lee (Cressida).

Once I started watching this movie I realized there were conflict themes that were relevant to interpersonal conflict and could be discussed. Now it's not a movie that won any Oscars for best picture, best unique screenplay, nor best editing! It's just a movie that I am fond of and also suited the requirements.

In Hitch there were lots of interpersonal conflicts that people went through. The interpersonal conflict that occurs in this film revolves around the lack of communication experienced by two individuals that eventually form an intimate relationship. These two main characters that had the miscommunication issue between them is Alex Hitchings who is known as Hitch and Sara Melas who's a reporter. Communication is a key role in any relationship, whether it's a platonic or an intimate relationship. When you enter in or start a relationship you need to be able to communicate effectively. If you do not communicate effectively then that would cause the relationship to have an interpersonal conflict.

We have learned that "clear communication is necessary to give and receive information" (Sole, 2011). Instead of giving each other a chance to communicate to avoid misconceptions about each other and explain intention, they continue to have instances where conflict rears its ugly head. Understanding the importance and purpose of effective communication, they could have avoided conflict between one another, explained their intention with each other, and discussed each other's occupation to prevent harsh feelings of deceit.

Nevertheless, we are humans and although we just spoke of being open as individuals when we disclose information about ourselves the hope is they will not be judged or looked at differently. Our text explains that "when you self-disclose,



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