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Interpersonal Conflict in the Movie Hitch

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Essay Preview: Interpersonal Conflict in the Movie Hitch

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A disagreement that involves dissatisfaction and animosity is known as interpersonal conflict. Interpersonal conflict occurs in every relationship at some point, it is inevitable. A key role in any relationship, whether it is platonic or romantic, is communication. If people do not communicate effectively in a relationship, it could be a cause for an interpersonal conflict. A perfect example of this comes from two main characters in a 2005 film called Hitch. The movie is full of conflicts due to lack of communication.

The two main characters in the movie are Alex "Hitch" Hitchens AKA The Date Doctor and Sara Melas. Although there are many miscommunications between the two throughout the film, there is one major one that I will address. When Hitch and Sara meet, they immediately have a connection. They get to know one another on a more platonic level and form a sarcastic yet admirable friendship that later blossoms into an intimate relationship as Sara slowly falls for Hitch's witty and charming character. They have an immediate connection that allows them to self-disclose an abundance of information with one another, yet Hitch chooses to leave out information that would be relevant to their relationship and something he should have disclosed to Sara from the beginning.

Another valuable character in the film is Sara's friend Casey. Casey meets a man, Vance, in the lingerie department of a store and makes immediate plans to see him again. Casey is blinded by the man's faux charm and overlooks the idea that he was purchasing lingerie for another woman. Upon meeting up with Vance, Casey learns that he is a player and just wants to get in her pants. When Casey turns him down, he reveals that there is in fact a date doctor, a rumor that Sara and Casey had heard was revealed to be the truth. Vance fails to disclose who the date doctor is yet paints a distorted picture of which he is and what he aims to do. This left a sour taste in Sara's mouth about the date doctor and from that point on, she was determined to find the man that caused her friend pain by giving Vance terrible advice.

It is revealed to Sara that Hitch is the one that bought Allegra and Albert tickets to an event that they attended together. From that moment on, Sara is determined to find out if Hitch really is the date doctor. Sara and Alex had a date planned after Sara finds out that Hitch may be the date doctor. Sara continues with their dinner plans. Once she arrives at his place, she lashes out at him without revealing the reasoning behind it. She questions his career choice but he refuses to disclose any information to her as he is annoyed with her behavior. Following a food fight caused by anger and frustration, Sara storms out and returns home. She is under the assumption that he teaches men to play women instead of teaching men to sweep women off their feet. Her assumptions were based on nothing and had she confront him using



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