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Mrp Proposal - Employee Performance System Design and Management

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Essay Preview: Mrp Proposal - Employee Performance System Design and Management

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Management Research of project Proposal

Employee performance system design and management

With the competition getting violent more and more among the Li Bahuang(LBH) Company, human resource management is becoming more important. Employee performance management dominates the human resource management system, which aims to improve the employee performance. At present, there are mistakes in employee performance management. How to strengthen staff management, for building an effective incentive mechanism and solute training, achievement and development for employees and to promote a core competitiveness of enterprises has become a priority in the enterprise's most urgent task. Evaluate employee performance it is important to find out the best staff in LBH, because employee benefits like level of wages, promotion, reward and so on which of these all rely on employee performance. Thus, a good employee performance system and management is quite influence core competence of LBH.

Company background

ZHEJIANG PUJIANG LIBAHUANG BICYCLE CO., LTD., founded in 1988, is headquartered in Zhongshan North Road, Pujiang County Seat, Zhejiang Province, covers an area of 500,000 square meters, including housing area of 120,000 square meters, and possesses total assets of RMB780 million Yuan and more than 2,100 employees. Our main products cover bicycles, electric bicycles and electronic cold-warm boxes with annual productivities of 2,000,000 bicycles, 300,000 electric bicycles and 500,000 cold-warm boxes respectively, and the Company has set foot in education, investment in art and other fields.

Rationale of Topic

This paper bases on these theories that are Total Quality Management, Management by Object theory, PDCA theory, Training and development, High performance management and Motivation and Employee Performance to analysis.

Research Question

1. How to design and put into practice it is a key of human resource management.

2. Evaluate management of goals process

3. Access employee performance which is good or not, how improve it.

Research Objective

 To identify factor which can influence employee performance

 To identify enterprise strategy goal associate to participation of staff

 To identify reasons of difference performance of employee

 To identify implementation of this system will influence development of enterprise, how important PDCA impact on enterprise more competence.

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