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Understanding and Work of Real Estate Design Management

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Essay Preview: Understanding and Work of Real Estate Design Management

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A summary of the understanding and work of real estate design management

Real estate design management:

main duty:

1. Coordinate the design institute to provide technical support for the cost, recruitment, engineering, marketing, project, and project development departments.

Second, the time node of the guarantee project: the completion of various procedures, the start of the project, the opening of the project, the smooth entry of each sub-contract (need to complete the door and window, railings, insulation, hundred pages and other technical materials for recruitment), handing over the house.

Third, collect, develop, improve, and regularly adjust the standards of the company's products, such as new apartment design plans, new planning and planning concepts; and various sub-projects that vary according to the adjustment of the national norms and the development of technology, such as Door and window railings, glass curtain wall technical solutions; and according to different cities to modify the previous standards, such as the standard in the northern system to the south is not applicable, such as the size of the apartment - related to people's habits, local regulations, such as The rules for the treads are that the Chengdu area can be stepped on.

The main content of the design institute (project control):

First, in the early stage, we must verify the economic indicators of the planning conditions and verify whether they are correct.

Second, after obtaining the land, according to the product research report provided by the marketing department, the design task book is prepared according to the report. Carry out the design of the scheme. In the design stage of the project, verify the economic and technical indicators to ensure that they are correct, and at the same time, we must make optimization suggestions. At this time, we must ensure the time and ensure the completion of the procedures.

What needs to be done at the beginning of the program:

1. Requires terrain drawings, and relative terrain elevations, etc.

2. The geological survey of the project must be completed and prepared for the construction drawing. - Bidding procurement is required. Before the start of the design of the plan, the absolute elevation of the general plane and the general plan of the project (with proportion) are required.

3. The completion of the decoration design unit of the sales department must be completed. The decoration plan can be designed when the sales department is working on the construction drawing. After the construction drawing of the sales department is completed, the decoration construction drawing design of the sales department can be done.



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