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Murder Thru Consistency

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Murder thru Consistency

Year after year we've seen the death rate increase in correlation to underage drinking, and allow a radical group such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to influence our shaken resolve for underage prohibition. It seems that two angry mothers got "mad" at their circumstances or rather what happened to their kids, and decided to take it out on the world. Time and time again it has been proven that our system is not working, yet groups like MADD influence and cloud our judgment. It's time for change; we must bring a new and evolved idea to the table. It's time to lower the drinking age, model safe drinking, and educate the next generation.

Education is exactly what John McCardell, former president of Vermont's Middlebury College, is suggesting in a segment for 60mins he stated his plan, saying that drinking license be issued to those who wish to drink under the age of 21, and this would be earned thru rigorous classes as well as a semester final. This is the only way to stop underground underage drinking; we don't want to drive the kids underground this only leads to more fatalities. Exhibit A: Gordy Bailey fresh outta high dies of alcohol poisoning as a part of an initiation ritual. If the legal age to drink had been the same age as your right to vote and join the military, his frat boys would not have hesitated to call for help which would have essentially saved this boy's life, but because the drinking age is 21, Gordy Bailey died of alcohol poisoning (Flynn). Groups like MADD oppose this proposal; they believe that because when in the 70's they discovered a direct correlation with underage drinking and total highway drunk collisions and deaths that we should not make the same mistake twice, but it's important to realize that highway collisions are not the only place that underage drinking is effecting mortally rates of underage drinkers; MADD has its own agenda because of what happened to the founders' daughters.

My proposal? We need to allow change and educate the children on alcohol safety. These teenagers need education and a little disciple to help us lower Alcohol incidents and raise mortality rates.



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