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Abortion Is Murder

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"Abortion is murder". People opposed to abortion really believe that abortion takes away the "right to live", and is definitely morally wrong. Though, people pro abortion argue that the statement is simply a religious belief. Pro-abortionists (including myself) consider that having an abortion is all up to the woman.

What makes "us" judge that abortion is murder? First and foremost, abortion is the "termination of pregnancy". Stopping a woman's pregnancy means to destroy the embryo or the fetus. To all the anti-abortionists, this equals slaughtering a baby. They truly believe that the fetus is a separate human being. For this, pro-abortionists disagree that the fetus is still strongly dependent on the mother until it is actually born. As the fetus is attached to the mom by the placenta, and will only become separated at its birth, they come to the conclusion that abortion is not murder.

The major problem with this argument is when do we call a fetus a person? Coming from the religious perspective, a baby is considered a person from the start of the conception. Some of the people who oppose abortion believe that a fetus is a human being when their central nervous system is fully developed. This is because, when the nervous system is formed, a baby will feel excruciating pain when abortion takes place. Advocates disagree to this religious viewpoint, but agree about the matter involving babies feeling pain when their nervous system is complete. Though, the baby's "brain structure and nerve-cell connection that characterize the thinking and feeling part of the brain" will not develop until around the seventh or the eighth month of pregnancy. Plus, abortion never ever occurs after the twenty-fourth week, which means that abortion is not a crime of murder, and does not take away a humans life.

In the United States, more than one thousand women died from illegal abortion, until the year of 1973 when abortion became legal in all of the states. Though, anti-abortionists demand that abortion should be made illegal for a number of reasons. For example, they believe that abortion is not actually needed, because if a woman happens to be raped, she can and should get immediate medical treatment to prevent pregnancy. Also, it is quite noticeable that making abortion is available to women - especially teenagers, will only encourage them to have sex. They will supposedly forget to say "no".

Although the anti-abortionists have mentioned these really strong points, the fact still remains that around 59% of the raped women end up pregnant, and the birth controlling medical treatments, do not always work. In addition, there are many occasions when rapes are not reported. Therefore, if medical treatments cannot be relied on all the time, and many of these poor raped women get pregnant, abortion may possibly be better than drinking useless medication.




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