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Music Should Be Taught in Schools

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Essay Preview: Music Should Be Taught in Schools

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I have a strong belief that music being taught in should never be removed schools but also what others think about how the music taught in school helps people. I decided to research my topics to find a better more logical reason why music should not be removed in schools and how music can help a person relax.

In one article I found written by Kayla Maxwell on July, 31, 2008 on Yahoo Contributor Network, she states that music is a crucial element of humanity. She also states that music stimulates the mind, it supplies an emotional outlet for students, and it develops social skills.

She also states when children are involved with music they play together they form leadership skills, and learn cooperation. It also gives children a way to interact with each other and meet new people.

In another article I found written by Rebekah Austin that states that music therapy increases development in people with autism. Musical therapy is using music therapeutically to help behavioral, social, psychological, communicative, physical, sensory- motor and also cognitive functions

My personal beliefs as a musician is that music is for everyone .you have heard music when you your mother sang you a song while you were sleeping in her arms to some of the music that helps people get over their grief at their funeral.

Can you imagine a world without music? This is what a world without music be like .imagine a world in where people would have no emotions, and war all the time and also, it wouldn't give an outlet for teens and adults to express their emotion through song .it would give a breakthrough in music history because we wouldn't have music so no one would have never heard of Beyoncé, Taylor swift, and yes, even Justin Bieber. Whether it is country, blues, rap, jazz, opera, rock or any other selection that you choose to listen to .music takes the worries from your mind.

I am a musical performer, and have performed and I have performed at many places. I have met many of my friends through my music. I play the fiddle ,or violin whichever way you see it .I also play the guitar ,mandolin which is like the violin and guitar mixed with eight two set of string tuned to the notes of a violin, and I also sing. When I play my instrument at all the shows I bring joy to the heats of many. They clap their hands, tap their toes, and sometimes sing along with me .it brings back so many memories to them that otherwise be lost

Without the musical training I have had through my musical journey I would be lost .music is my passion and my heart .so if any one says I hate music let us eliminate music from schools say to them let me share what I have learned about music .

Benjamin William McClure



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