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My Fear of Hulk

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Essay Preview: My Fear of Hulk

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By deciding to ride the bull called Hulk, I faced my fear of this immense bull and realized

their was nothing to fear. It was a clear warm Saturday evening at the rodeo and I was about

to face the one fear I had with this rodeo's stock of bulls. I arrived at the rodeo and headed to

the sign in tent and found out that I had drawn the bull, Hulk. He was the largest, hardest to

ride and very difficult to get mounted in the chutes; needless to say the fear started to run thru

me. My friends and fellow riders tried to convince me there is nothing to fear, he was just like

any other bull and that I can ride him. I went back behind the chutes where bulls and the horses

are staged to prepare my rope and glove to ride. The smell behind the chutes is unique, it's a

mixture of horses, bulls, manure, rosin and the smell of leather from the cowboys gear. While

waiting for my turn, I watched the other riders go, trying not to let the fear overwhelm me.

Finally, my name was called to get set to ride. I climbed up on the chute and got my rope round

Hulk and gently eased my way on his back. As soon as I did, he started his normal thrashing

around and trying to jump out; this did not help my fear of Hulk. In my mind there was no other

option but to face my fear and tackle it. After several attempts I was in position to ride. The

chute opened and instead of Hulk leaving the chute head first like he should, he went out

backwards. This put me in a bad position; it is very hard to take a bull out of the chutes

backward and ride him. All the cowboys on the chutes were telling me to bail off but I decided

to stay on and ride the bull I feared. After my ride I realized my friends were right, even



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