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Narrative Case

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This incident took place when I was six years old. It was one calm and beautiful evening. The sun had completed its tour for the day and painted the sky red. My mother, my brother and I headed to a beach, which was a ten minute walk from my place, after completing my homework to enjoy the sunset after such a busy day. It was the perfect place to relax, the sound of nature was so soothing. It was cool and windy, the trees were swaying and its leaves rustling. Wind blew through my curly hair making it look like maggi noodles. I was wearing one of my favorite dresses, it was a green color frock, rounded neck with some buttons on the front. The sun shone upon the sand making it glitter and the shells looked like crystals. There were many children accompanied by their parents, some of them were building sand castles on the beach while the others played in the park. Excitement filled the air.

I cycled along the park beside the beach while my mother played with my brother, Himmat, who was 3years back then. I had just finished cycling two rounds along the circumference of the park and no sooner did the sun began to gradually disappear below the horizon and darkness enveloped the sky. The sky was studded with pulsing diamonds indicating it was our time to leave.

We left for home, my mother was holding my brother in her left arm since he was too tired to walk back home, and dragged my bicycle with her other hand. On our way back we were required to cross two main roads and I followed my mother everywhere she went like an obedient child. Burdened with the load, my mother hurriedly decided to cross the road but not from the stripes. We cleared the first road and suddenly my brother started to cry out. Unable to control the situation, my mom hurried down the road and I followed her. Suddenly, midway between the road one of my frock's button opened. I was really embarrassed by this and thought of closing it without wasting a second. I was standing right in the middle of the road where motors with speed as much as 120 km/hour drove by.

While closing my buttons, I turned towards my left and saw a white color Land Cruiser approaching me at a very high speed. My heart began pounding really fast and I broke down in tears seeing my death right in front of my eyes.

My mom turned back and screamed, "MANU! RUN AND COME HERE QUICKLY."

But I didn't answer and continued crying.

As luck would have it, there was a man nearby and my mother's scream caught his attention. He was in his early forties, and wore a simple shirt with a light brown trouser. He spotted me crying in the middle of the road. Quickly, he came to the edge of the road, grabbed my arm and pulled me with a sudden jerk. I fell down on the pavement,



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