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Narrative, Descriptive Identity Essay

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Essay Preview: Narrative, Descriptive Identity Essay

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Narrative, Descriptive Identity Essay

In life you will get thrown around a lot because there is a lot of problems and situations

to overcome When growing up you figure out a lot about yourself and others almost every day.

And knowing that you’ll see that everyone is never the same as another and then you’ll learn that

everyone including yourself is unique.I am someone who is independent I like to do things my way but

when i know it’s hard i ask people for help. My competitive spirit has been with me with my whole life that’s why i find so much love in sports I play. Im friendly with everyone I never judge people because I wouldn’t want people to do that to me. All these things that describe me as a person, these aspects of my individuality can be represented by my ps4, car radio and football.

The first time i heard about football I was young and me and my family watched it

every time it came on. I knew from the moment I saw football it was something I wanted to

do and dreamed about. I got my first football for my birthday and I never let it go, I remember

the new football smell and the rubbery feel of it. Football symbolizes a big part of my unique

identity. All the traits I have today I got from my football experiences, the ability to work as a

team and being able to strategize and work hard for something I want. Some what of my competitive

nature comes from my dad because he was a big sports person all his life so some of that rubbed off

on me. Me doing football really explains why I act the way I act without football I wouldn’t

have the good friends I have today.

On one very Christmas I received something that would change me a lot and that was my ps4.

I remember that very night not being able to go to sleep all night, staying up all the days before

christmas. My first time seeing the ps4 it was in a commercial and as soon I saw it I ran to my mom

And asked her for it. As soon I saw the box under the tree unwrapped it and took it out and it looked

so clean and and smelled so new I was so happy. My mom got me the special camo controller that was

so rare for people to have I was so surprised



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