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National Transportation Policy

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According to our textbook, the purpose of transportation policy is to provide direction for determination the amount of national resources that will be dedicated to transportation and for determination the quality of service that is essential for economic activity and national defense (Coyle, 2011, p. 67). The policy basically provides necessary guidelines including various laws, rules and funding programs toward protecting and promoting the different modes of transportation.

We use transportation every day by simply driving to work/school, to go shopping and etc. Rules and Regulations need to be in place to provide safety of all travelers.

When I think about evacuation planning and disaster relief the first thing that comes to my mind is planning and developing a relief plan. I'm part of a Theater Sustainment Command and our main focus is responding to disasters. Especially when we hear about Tornadoes and Hurricanes, we get to planning. Last year in April, my Unit was one of the main responders to the April Tornadoes in Alabama. I have to say it was a devastating moment for our community. We were planning disaster relief and how we can transport goods, people, and services to the needy. The transportation piece plays a huge role when it comes to safety, possible evacuation, resources, sheltering and other catastrophic related services. I believe since Katrina a lot of changes have been made and implemented.


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