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Netizens Feast over Alma Moreno’s Interview at Headstart with Karen Davila

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Essay Preview: Netizens Feast over Alma Moreno’s Interview at Headstart with Karen Davila

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Netizens Feast Over Alma Moreno’s Interview At Headstart With Karen Davila

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Alma Moreno has become a hot topic on social media as her television interview with Karen Davila in her ANC’s morning show Headstart that aired November 11, 2015 went viral online. The Interview tackled Moreno’s senatorial bid under presidential aspirant Jejomar Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance. Links and copies of their interview circulated over the social media, which discussed sensitive issues about the LGBT Community, discrimination, and Feminism.

When asked why she would be qualified for senator, Alma said her experience as a City Councilor, as a first lady for years, and years of being in the Philippine Councilors League had prepared her for the Senate. The interview was okay at first but then, things got a little awkward, right after Karen asked if it is difficult for her to connect to the public given that she is a former actress, and showbiz to political life transition is often not taken seriously by the public, and when Karen asked Alma her platforms and resolutions for the country’s present issues. The interview showed Alma’s cluelessness about the country’s present issues and problems, which made it viral and controversial.

Through social media, netizens reacted to this “awkward interview” and regarded Alma as “unprepared” and “unfit” to be part of the Senate. Some expressed their tirades and said that Alma doesn’t need to run for the Senate because the interview has clearly showed them what kind of candidate or politician Alma is, and the very least she can do for the country. Some netizens, however, showed their sympathy to Alma.

It raised the awareness of Filipinos about how the country would be if someone who is seen and regarded as “unprepared” is aspiring and would be part of the Senate. It fires their own views and opinions on what would be the possible outcome if someone “inapt” will take part in leading and running the country. And because the national elections is fast approaching, Filipinos really need to scrutinize and identify who’s who and who is really eligible and fit to be in the position for the sake and progress of our country.

Torre De Manila: The “Pambansang

Photobomber ng Pilipinas

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The Torre De Manila, DMCI’s latest one-tower condominium, is regarded as the “Pambansang Photobomber ng Pilipinas” and is a “soaring eye sore” because it has marred the clear skyline view to Dr. Jose Rizal’s monument in Luneta.  While still undergoing construction, Torre de Manila is clearly visible behind the monument, and can easily steal the attention of a visitor away from the monument which, up until the construction, had uncontested control over the sightline.



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