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Network Design Overview

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Essay Preview: Network Design Overview

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The overview of the network design that I am proposing to Dr. Roger Smith will enable Dr. Smith's medical company to expand into the future. As the company grows they will need to have up to date cabling to support the growing demands bandwidth usage. I suggested that the company should use cat 5e cable and the RJ-45 connectors. This type of connector will allow for the end of the cable to be terminated. The hardware for the upgrade will consist of new cat 5e wire, new computers for the expansion of the old buildings, three printers for each old building, one server for each old building, and one or two hubs per old building. This will help upgrade the old hardware and add more workstations for the workload to come.

The type of local area network topology that will be suggested is the star topology due to the addition of new devices being added to the network. With the star topology being simple to add new nodes to the network allows the technician to plug the cable from the hub or switch to the new node. The network shall have the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), which is a dedicated-connection switching technology that organizes digital data. This process allows the cell to be processed asynchronously relative to other related cells and is queued before being multiplexed over the transmission path. The network remote access that was suggested for the company was bomgar. Bomgar allows the user to connect to their computers, servers, and networks from any location. Some of the features that bomgar has is access to windows server, Linux servers, and windows systems.

The network business applications that were suggested were to use the Microsoft office suite. By using this type of application will enable the users to be able to write memos, letters, faxes, and any other type of document pertaining to text. The backup and disaster recovery company that was suggested to use was the 4service Inc. company. With this company storing the required data and files in an offsite area allows for safe and secure storage for the business.



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