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Networking in Banking

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Essay Preview: Networking in Banking

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This proposal is in response to the requirement of renewing and upgrading the RSA Two Factor Authentication Solution at KASB bank. The main purpose of this requirement is to provide strong and foolproof access to KASB bank's resources. As the time and technology has evolved, so have threats. To provide unmatched and uncompromised security to the confidential data, the need for having a reliable, robust and proven solution which provides absolute security is crucial.

Realizing KASB bank's requirements and fully understanding the critical nature of their network infrastructure, our proposed solution is sure to cater their requirements and offer an optimal solution. Our solution is incorporated with unique and state-of-the-art products manufactured by internationally known RSA®. RSA, the security division of EMC has been well-known in the information technology market for setting the standards, introducing innovative technologies and products, which provides unmatched functionality and features. Arwen is pleased to offer a comprehensive IT end to end solution that will cover all the major components required by Silk Bank.

Arwen Tech is a global enterprise solution company, providing integrated end-to-end enterprise solutions and services to businesses worldwide. Our core business lines - Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing - allow us to offer complete, customized solutions that make us a one-window stop for all IT related business needs.

Arwen's team is consist of highly skilled and qualified professionals with internationally recognized certifications issued by world renowned IT vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, RSA, McAfee and Microsoft. Our engineer's working experience on these vendors products along with these extensive technical certifications will ensure timely and smooth commissioning of the project.


KASB Bank is now serving clients through 104 branches in 43 cities of Pakistan, offering unique and innovative financial solutions to large portfolio of investment, corporate and consumer banking customers.

KASB Bank is regarded as the flagship entity of the group with state of the art technology providing wide scale financial services to a diversified client base. The Bank also provides a host of financial services offered by the KASB Group.

As the leading investment banking firm in Pakistan KASB has extensive knowledge of domestic markets and industries and well-established relationships with local and international investors. KASB is the only local investment bank to be affiliated with a global bulge-bracket bank

Arwen Tech is delighted to respond to KASB bank's requirement for Renewal and Upgrade of Two Factor Authentication Solution. Arwen offers integrated end-to-end enterprise solutions and services to businesses worldwide. Our core business lines - Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing - allows us to offer complete, customized solutions that make us a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

We realize that businesses face day-to-day challenges and need reliable solutions to manage diverse tasks. Assessing this need, we assist our customers in not just gauging their exact requirements, but also in recommending and implementing complete, robust and reliable solutions. Our solutions are powered by technology from world-renowned business partners. This technology is acclaimed internationally for its reliability and ensures your complete satisfaction.


KASB bank wants to renew and upgrade their existing RSA SecureID authentication system for access to their corporate resources. To differentiate themselves from other banks in the industry, and to offer better protection against security breaches, such as phishing, sniffing and password guessing, KASB bank would like to implement a solution which will provide stronger authentication utilizing the industry's most well reputed and tested technology. This solution will ensure protected access to the bank's resources with strong password generating mechanisms. KASB bank would like to reinstate this authentication solution using hardware based authenticators. In addition they also require Software Based Authenticators to integrate into their existing infrastructure providing greater flexibility.

Following are the required components at KASB bank for this project:

* Renewal and Upgradation of RSA Two-factor authentication system using existing RSA SecureID infrastructure.

* Procurement and Installation of RSA SecureID Soft Tokens.


4.1 Integrated Security Solutions

NitroSecurity offers a tightly integrated product suite consisting of Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Security Information and Event Management, Log Management, Database Monitoring and Application Data Monitoring.

4.2 NitroView Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) & Enterprise Log Manager (ELM)

NitroView ESM is an enterprise-class security information and event management system that identifies, correlates, and remediates threats faster than any other SIEM on the market, with optional log management capabilities for long-term retention and analysis of raw log files.

4.3 NitroView Database Monitor (DBM)

NitroView DBM is a complete database protection solution that delivers non-intrusive, detailed security logging of databases and applications by monitoring all access to sensitive corporate and customer data.

4.4 NitroView Application Data Monitor (ADM)

NitroView Application Data Monitor (ADM) is the first and only product of it's kind -- a simple and easy-to-use appliance that takes security and compliance beyond the limits of log management--monitoring all the way to the application layer, and providing full inspection of application contents for the deepest possible visibility into how your network is being used.

4.5 NitroGuard Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

NitroGuard IPS is an intrusion prevention appliance that actively detects, analyzes, and protects the network from an array of security attacks, including viruses, worms, spyware, Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, and other forms of malware, as well as unknown or zero-day attacks. Utilizing the power of our patented relational data management engine, NitroGuard identifies and neutralizes threats and detects anomalies -- in real time, before they disrupt the network



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