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Nike Case

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For Nike to achieve a degree of alignment it must possess a vision, a mission, and organizational values for the whole workforce. Workforces include upper management, staff, and the employees. Attaining organizational values are a complicated task, but if a company has the capability of achieving and setting a standard that will value individual and organizational concerns, then the company will achieve set goals. Through construction of a wonderfully written and inspirational vision statement, development of major goals; leaders believe they have done a fine job but, this is not accurate. The degree of alignment between Nike's values and Nike's actual plan and action is completely different and unfair. Nike is constantly coming in question due to the usage of inexpensive labor. Several shoe makers at Nike have been critical of all the overtime they have been forced to work. Every worker has a quota set for them, and if they fail to reach that quota, they must work unpaid overtime hours to adjust for their sluggish work-pace. Being a multi-billion dollar company, the real plan and action at Nike is not a very good match. Included in Nike's organizational values is the fair and equal treatment of employees, however, the general outcome shows that Nike is executing its responsibilities in an immoral manner.

An excellent leader of a company will set values and motivate their employees to follow it so that the company has the ability of achieving its goals. Individual values and organizational values have to interrelate with one other in an efficient manner. This is for the reason that, if a leader is at ease while directing the workforce within the set guidelines of the personal values compliant with the organization's values, at that time employees will gain an improved comprehension of the results expected of them. The diversity in organizational and personal values has to be extremely minimal since soon after this can generate much uncertainty and hinder the decision-making process. Company's may encounter massive losses and could go bankrupt if the degree of alignment linking personal and organizational values does not have similarities in a few ways. For instance, a company's organizational values include customer service as an utmost priority but, if employee equality is the personal value of the company's leadership, then this could generate a great deal of difficulty within the workplace. From this an individual is capable of observing the significance of aligning values to produce the best results.



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