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Nitish Joined Solutions Unlimited Case

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Essay Preview: Nitish Joined Solutions Unlimited Case

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Nitish joined Solutions unlimited with great hope of new learning opportunities and a chance to move out of Jamshedpur. Solutions Unlimited provided Nitish all this opportunities as it was going for an image makeover from software solutions provider to IT consulting firm. The work in organization was undergoing a dynamic change, requiring lots of dedicated people and a platform for someone like with the correct skill set and dedication to shine. New projects were being pulled also clientele base was increasing.

Nitish initial blunt refusal of the offer given to Meena resulted in dispute between Meena and Nitish. The intervention of Mr Kapoor head of marketing to renegotiate the compensation with Nitish, hurt the self esteem of Meena.The organization did not have proper organization structure with only 2 people in HR department. Meena tried her best to trouble Nitish in whatever way she could. When Nitish asked for reimbursements when he had come for interview, Meena bluntly said the same will be couriered. Meena did not like the closeness between Arvind and Nitish and makes a sarcastic remark while giving him the office chamber used by Arvind. Meena also was not enthusiastic to see Nitish and did not prepare any defined project goal for him.

When Meena could have arranged for the Visa for Nitish, she just gave direction to Nitish as to how he can get it done, instead of helping him out and getting it done for him. The issue regarding the severance dues made Nitish looked like guilty in the eyes of Me Alagu, because of kind of feedback given by Meena about him. For no mistake of Nitish he was referred as the troublemaker.

All the above issues and the increasing interpersonal problems with Meena, Nitish being denied of projects, which he thought he was deserving for also he was not allowed to go abroad even when there was his requirement. These developments made Nitish wonder whether he should reconsider his stay at Solution Unlimited.



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