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No Child Left Behind Act

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Essay Preview: No Child Left Behind Act

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William Wayman - March 28th 2012

Basically what all this is saying that no matter how hard kids try, that if they fail it automatically gets pinned on the teachers. In my opinion that is wrong, because if the kids are slacking off and not paying attention and their out of control it's the child's fault not the adult! Also, when President Barack Obama fired all the staff at the only high school that was around Cedar Falls R.I. It was a mistake because that is taking away from all the kids that are actually trying and punishing them because it only hurts them later on in the future if they do not have that high school diploma. All the good jobs will be taken by highly qualified adults and teenagers. About all these laws taking effect it is good for the most part of it but there is some kids that hate doing work at school, hate coming but they only show up cause its court ordered.

This article is explaining that no matter how long a student has been in a school that he or she is required to meet all academic standards no matter what language they speak or anything. Which in my eyes that is kinda worthless because if the teacher speaks english and they do not have say a spanish interpreter than it is that schools fault for not helping the student when they were enrolled do ELS. Sometimes there are students that require special help because of their mental health, speaking abilities, or even their language. No matter how poor or disorganized a school is they should still treat all kids the same and give them their services they need.

On this last section i think it is completely wrong they are talking about single sex classes. which they are segregating all students from the opposite sex. To me that is like saying they can't be together or around each other because of their race. In a lot of states gay marriage is illegal but there are very many states that it is also legal in but i would not advise for this country to switch everything to Single Sex classes or work because that would also cause a lot of chaos. So the honest and best decision is to go against this topic.



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