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No Child Left Behind

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Essay Preview: No Child Left Behind

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AT Intervention

After reading ""What Every School Leader Should Know" and the author's profile on the special child "Meet Jamie" I knew that can relate to this topic. I worked with special education students for a long time, I have seen many students who us assistive technologies to either get around the classroom, write, communicative and walk.

There was this student by the name of Nadine that i worked with i was her Para. Nadine was 7 years old in first grade in a restrictive classroom with five other students. They all used assistive technology to enhance their learning abilities. Nadine was a brilliant student but very shy she worked very hard and ask questions when she does understand something. Watching Nadine sitting by her desk you will feel that nothing is wrong with her. Her appearances were not of a child that had a disability but Nadine was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby. Lucky for Nadine her upper part of her body was fine but the lower part was affected restricting her feet movements. Nadine learned to walk using a walker which she uses in the classroom with my assistance. Nadine came into the public school w3ith her IEP in place however, my job was to do everything that will encourage learn in the classroom. Nadine had an occupational therapist that designs programs and delivers instruction utilizing appropriate materials to assist her individuals' participation inn useful activities. she had a physical therapist who works with her individually to develop and maintain muscular and orthopedic abilities through movement three times a week to help strength her legs,. With the input of the team they although Nadine had made good progress and as stated on her IEP she had to enter the inclusive program. Nadine had gym twice a week in gym Nadine walk a lot with her walker. According to"What Every School Leader Should Know" "For many students with disabilities to be successful learners in the general education curriculum, they must receive supplemental aides and services". Nadine was then advance to foot braces recommend by her IEP team. The team was confident that Nadine was ready for foot brace instead o9f walker. Foot brace gave Nadine more independence, her legs were much stronger and she was ready for the inclusive classroom and all that came with it. I work as the support for Nadine she was chipping on to class doing very well in her work and getting alone find with the other students. The team thought they had made a very good decision on the student find. Assistive Technology worked well for Nadine because she was very shy which came from her disability, being able to enter the classroom walking was a big deal for her. Nadine was always an excellent student except for her disability. She was the student that any teacher would love to have in their classroom. Despite the fact of who Nadine was she wanted to do well



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