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Nutrition Case - Three Different Chicken Samples

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There were three different chicken samples, and each sample was repeated two times. Each time, different weight had been obtained, therefore the result are not accurate as they are taken the average of two times. Next, while grinding the samples, contaminant might have gone inside the samples and contaminated them and cause a change in the fat content and caused the inaccuracy in results. During the experiment, all the samples were prepared before starting the Soxhlet system. As a long time were needed to prepare all the samples, this caused inaccuracy in results obtained.

As we can see from the results and calculation, the percentage of fat in the steam chicken without skin has the least amount of fat, only 2.41% of the sample is fat. The sample of steamed chicken with skin has lesser percentage of fat than the sample of chicken nuggets, but higher percentage of fat than the sample of steamed chicken without skin. It had 4.19% of the sample is fat. Lastly, the percentage of fat in chicken nuggets is the highest of all three samples, about 12.01% of the sample is fat.

Next, we shall discuss the factors contribute to result. The fat content in steam chicken without skin was the lowest, as most fat are stored in the chicken skin. However the amount of fat is not constant in the sample. This might be caused as, during the process of removing skin of the chicken, there were some errors, and not all the skin were removed and different parts of the chicken are left with different amount of fat residue. Therefore, this had resulted in the steamed chicken without skin to have different fat content for different chicken sample.

The fat content in the steamed chicken with skin has a bit higher fat content than the steamed chicken without skin, this is because as the name suggest, the chicken samples have chicken skin. It is known that almost half of the fat in a chicken is stored in the skin; hence this caused the difference between these 2 samples. Also, the amount skin in each sample is not exactly the same, as some sample may contain higher amount of fat than others.



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