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Of Mice and Men Essay

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Of Mice and Men Essay

John Steinbeck is some sort of genius. This book is actually a testament to the art form of writing. The fact that this story is used in almost every school in America is pretty crazy. But the point of this essay is to say what we see as our interpretations of the themes, symbols, and topics.

This story's main theme is naturalism and things around that. In this story you will see a lot of things like loneliness, like when Candy’s dog is shot and he feels empty inside. The reader should really think that Lennie is a really great character. Because he the themes don't affect him at all. He just flows through them the same way he was before. Then you have other characters who are the epicenters of the themes.

One the biggest characters is George, he is the one who has the the big dreams and the mind to follow them through. But Lennie is the one who puts an end to it. Candy sadly has the same fate as George, they had the dream to go have a house of their own and put all the money together so that can have a better life. But the theme is dreams and disillusions and this is the disillusions part. After what happened with Lennie in the barn with Curley's wife, Candy's first words were, “ What about our plans George?”

All in all this story was a very good source of what we were learning. From what we learned from everything about social darwinism and naturalism this is the perfect book for it. I had to look up the foreshadowing parts but when you find the things out that are very low key in this story you really get the the whole understanding of how genius this is.



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