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Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping

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Essay Preview: Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping

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Comparative Essay: Online shopping vs. Traditional Shopping

Shopping is something that we all do, whether we are purchasing groceries, clothing or larger items like electronics, cars or home. With the internet rising in popularity shopping has developed a new definition. Many items that are available in store are now offered online, allowing the consumer to purchase items based on their preference. While there are benefits to both online and traditional shopping, traditional shopping ultimately is a better choice as it offers the opportunity to preview your purchase in a way that online shopping is unable to provide

        Most of us make the decision to purchase something and immediately go to the store to find that item. Traditional shopping allows the consumer to go to the store that day and purchase the item that they need without a wait. If an item is unavailable, due to being sold out, the store clerk can direct you to the nearest store with that item. In addition, in store purchase allow the consumer to use a variety of payment methods to rapidly purchase their item.

        When a consumer goes to the store they have a full view of available merchandise, allowing them to move from one rack to the next rack. Traditional shopping provides the opportunity to physically choose a product based on its features. The consumer can compare their product to other products in the store, meticulously examining the product for their needs. When purchasing clothing the consumer can try on the clothing in different sizes to ensure the item fits. Likewise, when purchasing groceries, the shopper can examine their fruits and vegetables to determine ripeness or quality. This is an advantage that sells traditional shopping.

        Shopping is more than just commercialism, it involves the experience as well. There is an emotional aspect to going “out” shopping. The interaction with friends and fellow consumers is what people look for with traditional shopping. An in -person shopping experience is both emotional and social, with the environment contributing to the experience. For instance, when a consumer goes shopping in a mall they engage in the environment by eating at the food court, sampling products and social conversation. These factors contribute to a memorable shopping experience.

        Online shopping provides the consumers the chance to purchase a variety of items regardless of their location. However, they are not able to instantly purchase their product like traditional shopping. Some sites allow for same day delivery of, though they are required to pay extra for this service.  Consumers need to keep in mind that the typical delivery time can take anywhere from 2-14 days to receive their purchase. There are limitations to methods of payment with online shopping in comparison with traditional. For example, online shopping allows for purchases to be made with credit cards and debit cards, cash is not an option.



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