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Opening a Coffee Shop in Korea

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Essay Preview: Opening a Coffee Shop in Korea

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A key issue for entrepreneurs starting a business, especially in a foreign country, is the choice of whether or not franchising is the appropriate input mode. The franchise offers recognition employer brand instant, established business processes and supply chains, policy guidance and tax, as well as providing assistance in the first few months, however, deprives the employer of what many crave - the ability to create and grow a business from the imagination. The two entrepreneurs in this case had regular salaries, but wanted to try their hands in opening a coffee shop - or a chain of coffee shops -. South Korea, which already has many brands with multiple outputs

this case is appropriate for use in the business management strategy, and international marketing and business courses to enter the selection mode of the input and output / service differentiation. Provides a practical example that students understand how a mode of entry decision affects competitiveness in a market segment ripe in a geographic market mature. The case can help achieve these goals, because 1) Encourages students to explore the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face the market basket, the input mode, product / service offerings and strategies of brand differentiation , 2) shows that these critical decisions - market selection, mode of entry, differentiation, etc. - are not making linear to be one after the other, but rather part of an integrated strategy that impact on others, 3) It allows students to be creative in finding ways to differentiate a product or service that is a late entrant in a mature market.



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