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Organizational Behavior

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Branding positioning: Emirates understand that marketing is one of the key instruments in order to reach its business goals. Emirates has set out to be an innovative, modern, and customer-oriented provide of high quality servicer rather than quantity. They strive to provide customers with the best possible value for their money, regardless of which class passengers travel in. Its comprehensive planning to maximize the profitability and efficiency of the marketing strategies and earned more than 400 awards for excellence worldwide. Emirates creates a more positive brand name may differentiate the brand from competitors and create brand loyalty.

Positive and socially responsible marketing activities:

 Cause-related marketing: Encourage to donate to the Emirates Airline Foundation to improve the quality of the life of children, regardless of their culture, religion. Socially responsible firm is more likely to survive over the long term as their activities generate good publicity and customer loyalty. Emirates can enhance corporate or brand images; increase brand awareness; reach new customer segments.

 Green marketing: Emirates developing an environmentally sustainable strategy to protect natural resources and reduce air pollution, encourage recycling and use fuel-efficient aircraft. This may affect customer buying behavior as more customers become aware of environmental issues and express willingness to spend more for environmentally friendly product or service.

The brand speaks with one voice: Emirates use a variety of marketing communication tools in an integrated way to deliver one message about the high quality of its services within the company and all over the world in order to offering its customers the highest possible level of professional flight services.

Marketing strategy involves careful use of the internal and external environments. Internal environmental factors include the marketing mix. External environmental factors include customer analysis, competitor analysis, technological, cultural or political environment, etc. All internal or external factors must involve communication. Communication can be defined as transmitting, receiving and processing information. When a person, group, or organization attempts to transfer an idea or message, communication occurs when the receiver is able to comprehend the information. Emirates initiate the communication process and they first have to encode the information into a form that can be transmitted to the passengers. Once the message is physically received by the travelers, they must decode it. The passengers will transmit feedback to Emirates over the same or a different communication channel. The importance of feedback in determining the effectiveness of their promotional strategies. The communication process is an important part of any advertising



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