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Organizational Goals

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In order to reach the organizational goals of this department I would start by reducing

personnel costs. I would establish this by cutting overtime hours and possibly shift

employee patterns by having some full time employees cut back to part time where

applicable. I would also revise the wage system and reduce or suspend the

recruitment process for the time being. I would also consider freezing employee

wages for the fiscal year.

In order to capture more of the market, I would devise a stronger marketing and

advertising plan. Hundreds of thousands of advertisers worldwide use advertising

programs such as the internet to promote their products and services on the web.

Advertisers bid in an open and competitive auction to have their ads appear alongside

the search results for particular keywords. They can specify the geographic location

and time of day for their ads to appear. As a result, people see ads that are so useful

and relevant that they become a valuable form of information in their own right.

Search for referring links from other websites/related businesses. Also create a

database of customers who order and send them quarterly newsletters and continue

with marketing plan, revising as needed.

In order to maintain equipment costs I would shop for longevity. Be willing to pay a

little extra for equipment that is built to last and won't require a ton of expensive

repairs. Consider Redundancy so if an item is not that expensive, it may be

worthwhile to keep a backup on hand just in case the equipment breaks down. If your

fax breaks, for example, it'd be nice to have an extra one sitting in the supply closet

ready to take its place. Having extra replacement parts will also help to minimize

equipment downtime. Make sure to maintain equipment. When you buy equipment,

there are usually instructions on how to maintain the equipment to keep it running

well. Most people toss out these instructions and then are surprised when the

equipment doesn't last. Also buy the warranty. Some warranties are rip-offs,



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