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Organizational Issues: Ethics Game Simulation

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Essay Preview: Organizational Issues: Ethics Game Simulation

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Organizational Issues: Ethics Game Simulation

This week's assignment includes two dilemmas introduced in the Ethics Game Simulations in which the individual processes decisions influenced by the utilization of varying factors. The simulations require an individual to make important ethical choices involving the person's employer G-BioSport. A process of identifying factors that include four different points of view or lenses, the people involved, individual responsibilities, personal, and core values required prior to making a final decision. Once the decision made, the choice went through an orange suit test that examines the legality of the final decision. The ethical issues presented are The Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled ID.

Ethical Issues

The Mysterious Blogger scenario involves information obtained by an employee's illegally hacking of another employee's personal computer to locate whom anonymously blogged illegally leaked company information to the public. The ethical issue is should the information obtained illegally be used to process disciplinary action against the blogger for violating the NDA as well as the hacker for violating another person's privacy.

The Veiled ID scenario involves implementation of a new security process created because of a recent criminal act. The process involves mandatory employee security badges that require a photo of the person imprinted on each badge for visual identification purposes. The ethical issue entails the development of a system to keep employees physically safe and accommodate special circumstances, such as religious issues that require a woman to cover her face at all times. To address each issue one must complete a process that involves the goals of enhancing one's ethical responsiveness and increasing decision-making effectiveness as well as the ability to communicate course of action required effectively.

Decision-Making Steps

The first step requires the individual to use attentiveness and identify the issue. The second step requires the person to use intelligence and identify the stakeholders to know the individuals involved and how each person may be affected now or in the future is important in developing a decision. The third step is broken into two parts. These parts include rationalization of the issue by using the four lenses as well as the use of responsibility by reflecting on personal core values in deciding the best option for each situation based on the virtues and morals specific of each lens. The fourth and final step involves evaluation and modification of the choice made based upon reflection of one's core values and personal opinion of the best solution to each problem.

Ethical Lenses

Both Rights and Responsibility Lens and the Results Lens are part of the decision-making in The Mysterious Blogger. The Rights and Responsibility Lens requires the identification of the decision maker's duties as well as following ethical standards of action. The Results Lens requires determining the effect and values of each stakeholder as well as identifying individual criteria for happiness to base a decision that provides the greatest good for the majority involved. In finding an ethical decision in The Veiled ID,



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