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Ot Test

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Old Testament Set #3 - Numbers 6, 9, 11-25, 27, 30-36 and Deuteronomy 1-14, 17-20, 28-32

1. Numbers 6 describes the Nazirites vows. Who in the Bible took Nazirite vows (find one from each Testament)?

Paul and Samson took the vows.

2. What experience with the Holy Spirit did the 70 elders and Moses have in Numbers 11? Can you relate their experience with that of the early church in Acts 2?

The Seventy Elders and Moses had the spirit rest on them and they Prophesized. The experience that the Seventy elders and Moses had is similar to what occurred in Acts 2. In Acts 2 the spirit came upon everyone that was sitting in the house and they began to speak in Tongues, much like how Moses and the Seventy elders were prophesizing.

3. What impact can you imagine did the deaths of Miriam and Aaron have upon the people of Israel and Moses in Numbers 20? Why did even Moses disobey God's command to him regarding water from the rock?

They were most likely very discouraged and saddened by their deaths. But at the same time they probably started to learn that they should be obeying God's commands. Moses seemed to be frustrated and angry about what he was asked to do. The end result was that he didn't trust God that the rock could provide water by speaking. So instead of verbally telling the rock to provide water he struck it twice.

4-5. Numbers 22-24: Who was Balaam? What was he asked to do? How many prophecies about Israel did he deliver? Summarize each one.

Balaam is a prophet and is the son of Beor. He was asked to not go to Balak with the princes and not curse the people because they're blessed. There are seven prophecies that he delivered. The first prophecy is that through Balaam it is confirmed that Israel is God's chosen people and he sees that Israel is blessed. The second is that Israel will be used to conquer the pagan nations, and that they are blessed because Jesus is with them. The third prophecy is that Israel is the works of God and that their power to conquer only comes from God. The fourth is that Christ will conquer His enemies. The last three is that Amalekites, Kenites and Assyrian will be destroyed.

6. What are the key theological teachings of Deuteronomy 6:4-9? How was Israel supposed to teach them to their children? What implications are there for Christian education here?

The theological teachings of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is that we are to love our God with all our heart and all our soul and all of our strength. They are to be on our hearts all the time. Israel was supposed to teach their children this when they were sitting at home, walking along the road, when they were going to bed or getting up in the morning. The implications here are that in everything



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