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Our Brand Is Crises

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 The movie “Our Brand is Crises” based on political election Held in 2002 in Bolivia, The Castillo hired American political consultant  to win election, the strategist Jane Bodine successfully uses American Political strategies to lead Castillo to victory against Rivera; where she compete with a long-term rival working for Rivera.


A washed-up political strategist, Jane Bodine is hired by a controversial Senator Castillo to win the Bolivian general election. Bodine used to be the best in her field but; because of some unfortunate events in past her reputation and confidence destroyed. What sealed the deal was that she will be coming against her long term rival Pat Candy; who is with the opposition’s political consultant.

The movie is about how Jane use crises of the country as her brand, for election winning she was selling crises where the other parties selling education & health. She used the negative event to promote this thing when the senator Castillo hits the man, she depicts him as a warrior who will fight and save the country from Social, Economic and Political crises.  

She was just hired 90 days before general elections where the Castillo was losing but she turns the whole around with in time and Castillo won with 23.5 where the opposition lose it with 22.8.

But in the end Castillo turns out to be a liar like any other politician so Jane stays in Bolivia for the people right and became outreach coordinator in the Bolivian government.

Marketing Concepts:

TV was a big component of the advertising push.

Using media, words and scenarios to manipulate peoples mind/ audience or the market.

The candidate is no longer a person but a product to be sold.



The dishonesty and corruption of a politicians is been paid by the people of the country as it shows in the end of the movie how the jane was against it and she stays there to resolve the issue not rather just give advice and leave nothing ever resolve if a person is keep running from real issues.



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