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Should Parents Help Children Paying for Their College

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Essay Preview: Should Parents Help Children Paying for Their College

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Should parents help children paying for their college?

  1. Define your audience

My audience should be parents who have children in age range of 17-23 and will go to a college soon or in the college already.

  1. How will they receive your message?

They are expected to receive my message by impressed of the new idea which they have never thought about.  Paying for children’s college may cause some benefits that the parents and students didn’t realize before reading my paper.

  1. What are the core values of your audiences? How can you affirm those while making your point?

The core values of my audiences depend on their income level. Some families treat this problem just like making a decision of buying their children a sport car. They might don’t need to worry about the expense. The only concern is that will this spoil their children too much. However, some families are making choice between using this money on having a happy retire life or getting their children a higher education. By reading research report and survey results, I can see that the only thing they really care about is that how many benefits they can get through paying for college.

  1. When do the attitudes and values of your audience shift? This is a key opportunity, but why? What are your audience's situational attitudes?

When I give out the new ideas which they have never realized. I believe that every parents knows education can benefits their children, but when I tell them it can also benefits parents retire life as what a good investment does, they may change their attitude.

  1. Why will your audience read your document? What's in it for them?

They are interested in this topic and willing to get suggestions since they want to get help from a logical research paper and making choice according to the results. They are facing this problem so what they want to see is data and creditable results.

  1. Who do you consider yourself to be? Who are you, and, more importantly, where are you in relation to your audience?

I should be the person who is familiar with this problem and giving out suggestions. I am more like a scholar who is studying on this field so they can rely on.



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