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People like to Learn New Thing

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People like to learn new thing. Every day, people wonder what happened in the world. People's curiosity will not end any time. So, how many people interest the history or the cultures of countries? Or, how many people know what Turk is or what their culture is about? These questions are very interesting question and if you want to answer that question, you should know who the Turks are. The Turks of today are citizens of the Turkish Republic. The name Turk is also used to describe the people in Turkey who share the distinctive Turkish culture. In addition, if people want to understand Turks, they should know what the Turkish culture is. Actually, the main important thing for Turkish people is unity. For example, Mustafa Kemal who is credited with being the founder of the modern Turkey said "How is it possible for one half of society to soar to the heavens while the other half remains chained to the very earth." In addition, Turks have very different culture. They have their traditional foods, and traditional residencies. However, in recent years, the world changed a lot, and the culture differences disappearance because globalization affect the cultures of many countries. Therefore, Turkish culture changed. There are many causes that affect food and communication style has been changed in Turkey.

The last couple of years ago, people's food habits has been started to change quickly because American food occupied whole the world. Lots of places were opened by McDonalds, and Burger King Companies. One bad idea about my country is that tasting and trying new food are a traditional in my country. These companies' foods like burgers are different taste and people like it a lot. It is cheapest food and people don't need to spend time to prepare this food, so all these causes affect to change Turkish food habits. Now, people cannot drop eating these foods and people start having big problems because they are taking lots of calories and they never do sport. These foods make people fat. Because of that, people are going to an expert, who is giving a diet program. So, people start paying more for their health problem because it is not cheap when people decide to go to an expert. For example, according to "The Deadly Noodle", Hastings, Thiel, and Thomas(2003) have argued that "Diet and exercise habits may be complex, but the basic recipe for health problems is simple: a rise in caloric intake and a decline in calorie-burning activities."(p.169) So, people have to spend money and effort a lot for burning calories. However, people are not enough money for that, so they cannot care about their life. In other words, American foods force people to be poor and to be unhealthy. Some organizations try to change people's opinion after these big changes, but it is hard to do that. The last thing about these foods is that globalization affects people's mind and people's habits. Global companies know that if they



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